Contract Staffing

Staff Augmentation

Fill the skills gap quickly

Whether you need an experienced & qualified personnel with specific skills or ramp up your team fast, our Contract Staffing services are the right choice for you. You hire the talent either to fill up the skills gap in your team or need additional resources quickly to deliver your work on time, in both of the cases talent is made available on-demand and for a stipulated time period.


Try before you Buy

Hire after evaluating someone

You may find it difficult to ask someone to leave after few months of hiring because later you realize that you have hired the wrong talent. Our Contract-to-Hire solution helps you to stay away from such awkward situations. You employ a staff on our payroll for a fixed period of time and later decide whether you want to hire him permanently or not. It gives you sufficient time to evaluate the staff’s fitment to your organization and the role.

Permenent Placement

Hire CXOs & Senior management

Get access to the most suitable candidate pool

If you are struggling in hiring a suitable candidate for the senior roles in your organization and not finding the right fit then try our permanent placement services. We have decades of experience in the staffing industry and have access to the most suitable candidates. Currently we are taking only CXO, BU head, Department head, Functional head kind of job requirement.